Data Out API

Update: This Data Out API is now the Core API which is public to everyone.

Please refer to the new documentation at the Core API page to see how to use the API to query reports and other data out of Kissmetrics. The instructions below are now out of date.

Kissmetrics is currently testing a Data Out API with select customers.

Currently the Data Out API only works with querying the People Search feature of Kissmetrics. We are working on bringing the Data Out API to work with the rest of Kissmetrics so that you will be able to programmatically query any report to use for your own custom dashboards or visualizations.

You can view the current progress and documentation of the Data Out API at this Github repo:

Example Use Case for SaaS

Get a list everyone who Signed Up yesterday but have not Activated or Completed Onboarding, along with their names and billing plans as JSON file. You would be able to query our API every day to obtain a list of these people. Send the results to CRM to update your sales team of a customer’s activity or progress through a trial period so they know when to engage.

Example Use Case for E-Commerce

Get a list of people who Added to Cart but did not Finished Check Out daily as JSON file. Send those results into your transactional email vendor of choice to follow up with the customer 3 days later with a personalized email or coupon to finish check out.

More Details to Come

This is our initial offering. We will continue to update the Github repo with API specifications as functionality is added.

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