How to create events using Click to Track


Click to Track is a tool that lets you implement analytics on your website without any code or developer by simply clicking on elements you want to track. You’ll need to install the Kissmetrics JavaScript snippet on your website before you can use Click to Track.



Click to Track currently works on websites and may work for web apps depending on how your app is developed. Click to Track works best in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Safari browser users may need to change their security settings to allow Click to Track to load iFrames in the browser. To do this, go to Settings -> Privacy and change Cookies and website data to Always allow.

Safari Security Settings

What you can track

Click to track currently supports tracking visits to URLs (wildcards and Regex), clicks on elements (using HTML classes or IDs), and form submissions (for sign ups, logins, checkout, lead generation, newsletters, and more).

How to use Click to Track to define and track events

Step 1 - Hover over Events dropdown in the navigation

Hover over the Events dropdown in Kissmetrics to find the Click to Track tool. Click on Click to Track. Click To Track Nav Dropdown

Step 2 - Enter your website’s URL

Think about a page on your website that has things that you want to track so that you can analyze what people do on your website. Enter that page’s URL into the URL field. Enter URL

Step 3 - Go through the Click to Track tutorial

The Click to Track tutorial loads automatically if you’ve never used the feature before. You can also start the tutorial by clicking on the “info” icon on the upper left corner. Click To Track Tutorial

Step 4 - Use Navigate Mode to browse your website and find something you want to track

In Navigate Mode, you can browse your website normally until find something you want to track. When you find a button, link, or element on your website that you want to track, click Edit Mode.

Step 5 - Click Edit Mode to click on an element you want to track

In Edit Mode, you can hover over elements that you want to track and preview what you want to track When you find a button, link, or element on your website that you want to track, click on the button, link, or element you want to track. Edit Mode

Step 6 - Name your event

Once you click on an element on your website, a small window will show up that has an Event Name field. We recommend reading How to Name and Structure Your Data on tips on how to name or structure your data. Enter what you want to name your event. Name Event

Step 7 (Optional) - Add a property to your event

If you want to describe the event a user does on your site such as where a button is located i.e. Top Right VS Bottom of the Page, or what size a product i.e. Small or Large click the More Options button then click the Add Property button. Add Property

Enter what you want to name your Property. We recommend broad property names such as Sign Up Bottom Location or Product SKU. You can either get the property value from your website’s page or type the property value in yourself manually. Once you’re happy with your property, click Save. Add Property Name and Value

Step 8 - Save your event

Once you’re happy with your event, click Save.

Save Event

Awesome! You’ve setup your first event and Kissmetrics will record an event when users perform the action that you have defined with your tracking rule.

Step 9 - Find events you’ve defined in the Defined Events menu

The Defined Events menu contains all of the events you’ve defined for the page. Hover over an event in the list to see what element on the page is being tracked. Defined Events

You can also find events by looking for the blue triangles and hovering over them to see the element that is being tracked. Hover Events List

Step 10 - Manage all your events in the Event Manager

The Event Manager contains all of the events you’ve tracked across your website that you’ve created through Click to Track or your developers have implemented from using our APIs. Go to the Event Manager by hovering over Events in the navigation and clicking Event Manager. Event Manager

Having issues with Click to Track or have questions about naming and structuring your events? Email to let us know.

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