What can I track with Kissmetrics?

The Kissmetrics API is very flexible and can accommodate most situations. Generally, what you’ll track depends on where you are as a business and what type of business you run. For some ideas of where to start this, please refer to our Best Practices section.

How can I test that my setup is working?

If you have installed one of our libraries and set up a custom event, you can see these events as they happen using our Live feature. Keep Live open and watch for your own activity as you do the events you’re tracking.

Within 30 minutes from the time an event is triggered, this data will be available in the rest of our reports - our funnels, cohort reports, people search, revenue report, and metrics. This is the estimated time spent in processing the customer records across all of our servers. If you don’t see any data beyond the time periods listed above, contact support so we can verify all is working properly.

Will I still be able to use this with Google Analytics or other metrics products?

Yes. The Kissmetrics JavaScript Library should not conflict with any other analytics you are running on your site.

What happens to my site if your service stops working?

Our entire data collection is decentralized, low impact, and highly scalable - so the chance of us being unable to collect data is small. In addition with all of our APIs even if our data collection service is unavailable your users won’t experience any errors.

Will you keep my data private?

Yes. Kissmetrics is committed to protecting the privacy of our clients and visitors to your website. The Kissmetrics API allows you to pass in properties on your users so that we can collect personally-identifiable data about your users on your behalf. This data is only accessible to you.

Kissmetrics employees will not access your users’ data directly unless needed in connection with a support request from you. Kissmetrics will not share your data with anyone other than you unless we have received explicit consent to do so or if required by law.

Here is additional information about user privacy.

What browsers does Kissmetrics support?

Note that our JavaScript can capture activity from your visitors who use any JavaScript-enabled browser. We design the Kissmetrics interface to work best in Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. Internet Explorer is not directly supported, but can work better with Compatibility Mode enabled.

I have a staging site and a production site - how can I keep this data separate?

Please see our page on Testing KM.

Will Kissmetrics show ads on my site?


Are there any restrictions on sites that can use Kissmetrics?

Nothing illegal please.

Can you handle all of my data? How many events do I need? I have a pretty busy site.

Kissmetrics has been engineered to handle large volumes of data and during our beta period we successfully handled data from some of the largest Facebook applications. So more than likely the answer is yes. If you don’t think one of our payment plans will work for your needs contact us. We will work with you to increase the efficiency of what you’re measuring and/or devising an appropriate subscription plan. One thing we won’t do is charge overage fees - we think it’s uncool to spring unexpected charges on our customers.

How much data history will Kissmetrics save?

Kissmetrics will save all data while an account is in good standing. Please see our payment terms for more details.

Is there a limit on pageviews, data, bandwidth, anything else…?

There is a limit on all accounts of 1,000 event names and 1,000 property names (each of these events or properties can be set many, many times across many people). For any single event for a person, we can keep track of the 1,000 most recent occurrences of that event. Similarly, for any single property for a person, we can keep track of the 1,000 most recent values set for that property.

Having too many events or properties affects the speed of our product. Please contact us if you have additional questions about structuring your data.

What if I go over my plan limits?

During the 14 day free trial there are no overage fees. After the 14 day trial is over you will not be charged any overage fees for the first month that you go over. You can upgrade to a higher plan and you will be charged for that plan starting with the next billing cycle.

Can Kissmetrics track locations based on IP address?

Yes, Kissmetrics does support the ability to track location based on IP address.

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