Engage - Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see my Engagements?

Here are a few a reason why you may not see your Engagement:

  1. Do you fit your specific criteria? If you do not fit into your specified audience, frequency, placement or triggers, you will not see your Engagement.

  2. Are you A/B testing? If you are A/B testing, you may not see your own Engagement. Only 50% of your audience will be shown the Engagement.

  3. If you are targeting a specific page make sure you have specified whether the page is http or https.

What logic hierarchy does Engage use to show campaigns on my website?

Engage uses the following logic hierarchy to determine who is shown your campaign.

  1. Audience
  2. Frequency
  3. Placement
  4. Trigger
  5. A/B Test

How long does it take from launching my Engagement to being live on my site?

Engagements should appear on your site within seconds of launching. The system we use delivers your Engagement to your site as close to real time as possible.

Can I trigger an Engagement to show based off of a visitor firing a Kissmetrics event or property?

Not yet. But, we are definitely planning on exploring this functionality in a future iteration of Engage so you can target engagements to trigger based on what visitors do and don’t do.

Can I customize Engagements with colors, fonts, images, etc?

Not yet. Stay tuned for more updates regarding customization.

Does Engage support mobile websites or apps?

Engage does not currently support this functionality. Check back for more updates regarding mobile-optimized experiences and mobile-app specific use cases.

I have feedback or suggestions for Engage.

Send all feedback to feedback@kissmetrics.com. We’re very interested and open to feedback so that we can make Engage a great tool for marketers to get more conversions!

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