Form Fields We Do Not Track

Our JavaScript can capture form fields as properties, but there are some we do not track:

  • Passwords
  • Hidden fields
  • Textarea fields
  • Sensitive fields

We determine this by looking at the name attributes of each <input>. After ignoring certain connecting symbols like _, \, and - (for example, user[name] is converted to user_name and then finally username), we use this regular expression to figure out which fields are ignored:


Full Set of Rules

We will track any form input with class km_include.

We will not track a form field…

  1. with a class km_ignore
  2. that isn’t an <input> or a <select> (like a <textarea>)
  3. if it’s an <input> with a type that isn’t “text”, “radio”, or “checkbox” (like “password” or “hidden”)
  4. if it doesn’t have a an HTML name attribute
  5. if its field name indicates it may contain sensitive information (using the regex above)
  6. if it’s an <input> that is an unchecked radio button or checkbox
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